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Vintage Textiles from Golden Clog
Iím a big fan of vintage clothing and design so really enjoyed writing my book on The 1950ís Kitchen, published by Shire in June 2011. The post-war era saw rapid change as the kitchen moved to the centre of family life, equipped with the labour saving technology that we now take for granted. Fitted units were marketed as the ultimate in practical and decorative furniture taking the place of the traditional kitchen table and dresser. My book looks at the new materials and colours that brightened up the 1950s kitchen, products like Formica, vinyl floor tiles and wipe-clean wallpapers. There are chapters on the latest appliances and gadgets, as well as a look at Fifties food Ė think aspic and vol-au-vonts!

Youíll also find plenty of kitsch interiors illustrated in my book on Holiday Camps. Billy Butlin was responsible for all the design details at his camps and came up with some pretty eclectic schemes for his bars and ballrooms!

Vintage Kitchen Fabric
Iíve worn vintage clothing since childhood (when we just called it second-hand!) and many of my wardrobe staples have been handed down not only from my mum, but also my grandmother and great grandmother. Most of these were homemade and itís got me thinking about how skilled the women in my family are and were, and how many women over the last century spent time and effort on making things for their homes and families. Iím in the process of collecting memories to go with their clothes, crochet, knitted items and embroideries as the basis of a new book. Follow me on Twitter to see how the project progresses...